Raptors!” Wait but are they wearing Raptors

Nikki Ferrell Back in Miami With Juan Pablo Galavis

Parting is such sweet sorrow so Juan Pablo Galavis and Nikki Ferrell appear to have decided to, y’know, not do it anymore. They had been living in separate cities last week, but Nikki is back in Miami with her man for the time being. So how long will she stay in the Sunshine State?

Things clearly went well for the couple as they spent this past weekend together on the East Coast, where they toured the Phillies’ baseball stadium and attended a somewhat turbulent nightclub event in Atlantic City. Now, Nikki is staying with Juan Pablo at his place in Miami, and the two attended a Miami Heat basketball game last night.

On March 31, Nikki posted a cute Instagram selfie of themselves wearing matching jerseys in the arena. “My first NBA game,” Nikki captions it. “Heat vs. Raptors!” Wait but are they wearing Raptors jerseys? Uh, Miami resident Juan Pabs might not want to tell LeBron James about that.

## ## First and foremost, we have to say that Nikki looks ridiculously cute in her NBA jersey, which is not an easy look to pull off. Dayum, girl! And we also give Nikki props for putting up with so many sports centric dates lately, including (somewhat begrudgingly) watching soccer with Juan Pablo earlier today. We think it might be time for her to get to choose the couple’s next outing.

And does this mean that Nikki and Juan Pablo will be living in the same city for good? It doesn’t appear that Nikki has said farewell to Kansas City permanently just yet, although she is taking a lot of time off work. So maybe she’s in the process of moving? Let’s hope she gets to cut down on her traveling (basketball pun!) soon.

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